Grandweld’s commitment to sustainability and strategic partnerships


Grandweld, a leader in shipbuilding and repair, has recently advanced in Eco-Friendly and Sustainable marine solutions, also focusing on building long-term, strategic partnerships. This case study delves into the insights shared by Mr. Jamal Abki, the General Manager of Grandweld, highlighting the company’s innovative approaches and strategic initiatives.


The maritime sector faces increasing pressure to reduce its environmental footprint while maintaining efficiency and performance. Additionally, the unpredictable nature of ship repair scheduling poses challenges in resource management and client servicing.

Approach to Sustainability:

Hybrid Vessel Designs: Grandweld has introduced new designs in the market featuring battery-operated hybrid vessels. This innovative approach combines diesel and battery drive, optimizing power usage and reducing emissions.

Optimized Power Selection: The company focuses on matching the power requirements of vessels without the need for larger, unnecessary engines. This results in more efficient and cleaner operations.

Data-Driven Optimization: By collecting and analyzing data, Grandweld ensures that its designs are optimized to meet specific requirements without excess wastage, contributing to a cleaner marine environment.

New Partnership Strategy:

Long-Term Agreements: Addressing the challenge of limited visibility in ship repair schedules, Grandweld has developed a strategy to form long-term partnerships with clients. This involves understanding their maintenance programs and encouraging the sharing of docking schedules.

Flexibility and Fixed Pricing: The new strategy includes agreements with provisions for flexibility, fixed pricing, and possible discounts. This approach benefits both Grandweld and its clients, ensuring resource availability and cost efficiency.

Successful Agreements: Grandweld has already signed agreements with major clients like ADNOC and Tag Water, indicating the effectiveness of this new strategy.

ADNOC vessel built by Grandweld



Grandweld’s initiatives in both sustainability and partnership strategies have positioned the company as a forward-thinking leader in the maritime sector. The introduction of eco-friendly vessel designs and the successful implementation of long-term partnerships demonstrate Grandweld’s commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and client satisfaction.



Grandweld continues to pave the way for a greener and more sustainable maritime industry, while simultaneously enhancing client relationships through strategic long-term partnerships. These efforts not only benefit the company and its clients but also contribute significantly to the overall health and sustainability of our oceans.