Career Benefits.

A career at Grandweld brings a range of benefits. We are one of the most established shipyards in the Middle East, as we started business in 1984. We are the largest shipyard in Dubai Maritime City. This large size, time established and highly organized set up means that our employees benefit from a professional and satisfying working environment.
Our employees enjoy working at Grandweld because they see the fruits of their labour. Imagine being part of something big like building a ship! Many of our staff see shipbuilding projects through from the design stage and construction, all the way to commissioning and sea trials. There are many satisfying and technically challenging roles in our shipbuilding division. Plus, there is something very satisfying to saying you helped build a beautiful ship as she is launched!
Alternatively, chose to work in our ship repair team, and experience a wide range of incredible projects from afloat repair jobs in different ports through to drydockings and major ship conversion projects. Ship repair employees utilize a range of technical skills that require teamwork, experience and training. Our employees work with a variety of customers from port and ferry operators, through to offshore vessel owners, merchant shipping customers and the most advanced navies in the world. New team members learn from our experienced employees, and their careers grow accordingly.
We also offer a range of other roles in addition to technical careers. We have positions in Management, HR, Administration, IT, Programming, Marketing, Sales, Accounting & Finance. These important roles are highly valued in our company as they ensure the smooth operation of our business and are highly important to ensure we deliver the best experience to our customers. Build a strong career in these paths, contributing to the amazing success of Grandweld and working in a dynamic, supportive environment.
Our employees receive good salaries that are income tax free. They benefit from health insurance, worker’s compensation insurance and other employee benefits that can include accommodation and transportation. Our remuneration packages are highly competitive in the industry.
We are also lucky to live and work in one of the most incredible, cosmopolitan cities in the world. Dubai is an amazing city to work in because it has modern infrastructure, including excellent air links, ports, and roads. Not to mention its very business friendly work environment or its amazing tourist attractions, malls, restaurants and many other incredible experiences you can have.
Often our staff have worked with Grandweld for many years, which is a testament to the excellent working environment we provide, as we believe loyalty goes both ways. Our people are encouraged to enjoy personal and professional growth. And our employees are promoted into higher positions as they demonstrate greater value to the company.

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