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Exporting new vessels worldwide

Grandweld has a long history of shipbuilding and we build a wide range of vessel types.

Our shipbuilding philosophy focuses on exceeding the customer’s expectations, and this is achieved through our fully integrated shipbuilding process that includes design, engineering, SCM, production and commissioning all under one roof.

Our aluminium hull range includes crew boats, CTVs, security boats and fast ferries while our steel-hulled vessels include OSVs, workboats & tugs. However, Grandweld is well known for its excellent engineering capability and cooperation with international designers. Our products include highly customized ships that are tailored to the owner’s requirements.

Our shipyard is centrally located in Dubai, an international commercial and logistics hub with a short flight from both Europe and Asia that is very convenient for shipbuilding supervision and shorter vessel mobilization. Our experienced seafarers can sail the vessel to your location, or alternatively, we can arrange for shipment via heavy lift ship.

As both a shipbuilder and a ship repairer, we follow a ship’s full life cycle, and this is the basis of our focus on quality.

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