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We will contact the most qualified and suitable candidates for an interview, the timing of this will depend on the urgency of the opening. Our team will advise you of the date and time for the interview. Make sure you provide contact details in your resume for our HR team to contact you. Our team will advise you of the proposed interview time and place. There may be more than one interview with you if required.

The Interview and assessments

Some positions will require a practical assessment of your skills to determine if you are suitable. These assessments may include tests for aptitude for the specific job you have applied for. For example, welders may be tested for welding skills, secretaries for typing, speed and comprehension, etc. Our team will coordinate with you at the time of the interview if this test or otherwise will plan it for a separate time.

The interview is an opportunity for you to meet face-to-face with some of our team in Grandweld, and for the applicant and staff to get to know each other. This is a chance for you to share information about yourself and to learn more about our company. Feel free to ask questions as this will help you learn more about the job, and it will also help us learn about your interests, qualifications and suitability.

Prepare for the interview by researching more about Grandweld as it will allow you to understand our requirements better. It will help you when we discuss the position and the shipbuilding and ship repair projects we work on. This research will assist you in answering our questions.

Explore our website to learn about the work we do, see facilities and learn our values and mission . Research our products and services. Read about Grandweld news, blogs and study our case studies.

Job offer

If you are successful, a manager will approve the hiring decision, and an official offer will be sent to you. The time required for this decision depends on the position and the urgency of the opening.