An exclusive video interview with Mr. Jamal Abki, General Manager, highlighting the remarkable journey of Grandweld’s partnership with BGP

Introduction: Forging Innovative Marine Engineering Partnerships:

At Grandweld, a leader in marine construction and custom shipbuilding, we pride ourselves on forging partnerships that drive innovation and operational excellence. Our collaboration with BGP, renowned in the seismic survey industry, is a prime example of this commitment. Initiated in 2019, this partnership has demonstrated our joint dedication to quality, efficiency, and mastery in marine engineering services.


Partnership Overview: Grandweld & BGP’s Synergy in Seismic Surveys:

Since 2019, Grandweld and BGP have fostered a relationship built on mutual trust and professional synergy, focusing on utilizing Grandweld’s extensive expertise in ship conversion of seismic survey vessels to fulfill the specialized needs of BGP’s seismic survey operations.


Project Highlights: Demonstrating Marine Engineering Prowess:

Our collaboration has led to the successful completion of 43 projects, including 9 major ship conversion ventures. The flagship of these projects, the SK Marquee, is a testament to our capabilities in ship conversion, especially with complex engineering projects and for meeting demanding strict deadlines.

SK Marquee - Flagship Project in Grandweld-BGP Collaboration

Challenges and Solutions in High-Stakes Ship Conversions:

A notable challenge was the SK Marquee project, which required completion within a stringent 75-day deadline. Through effective pre-planning, seamless teamwork, and dedication, we transformed this challenge into a triumph, exemplifying why major multi-national ship owners trust us for turn-key ship repair projects.


Results and Impact: Benchmarking Success in Marine Construction:

Our journey with BGP is characterized by a series of successful projects, each meeting the dual benchmarks of timely completion and adherence to budget. This consistency highlights our commitment to delivering high-quality ship repair and reliable marine engineering solutions.


Collaboration and Teamwork: The Pillars of Our Partnership:

The foundation of our partnership is the exceptional level of collaboration between Grandweld and BGP teams. Each project, particularly the complex vessel conversions, is a result of meticulous planning and technical acumen, addressing BGP’s unique requirements. This collaboration ensures every aspect of the work scope is completed to our collective satisfaction, both technically and qualitatively.


Technical Innovation and Adaptation in Ship Design:

A key aspect of our partnership is our capacity for innovation and adaptation, notably in the SK Marquee project. Working with our client, we worked together for significant redesigns and modifications, including alterations to the hull and accommodation areas, to tailor the vessel for seismic survey missions. This project showcased our in-house design capabilities and our dedication to delivering bespoke marine engineering solutions since the vessel was converted from an OSV into a Seismic Gun Boat.


Conclusion: A Testament to Marine Engineering Leadership:

Our partnership with BGP transcends a typical business relationship; it’s a journey of shared goals and mutual respect. The success of our projects, especially the landmark SK Marquee conversion, stands as a testament to our collective commitment to excellence in marine engineering and shipbuilding. We eagerly anticipate continuing this fruitful collaboration, setting new benchmarks in the marine industry.


Engage with Grandweld: Your Partner in Marine Excellence:

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