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Grandweld Shipyards is a Dubai, UAE shipyard that specializes in shipbuilding, ship conversion and ship repair. If you are looking for a reputable shipyard with a wide range of integrated in-house services, then Grandweld is the right choice.

Grandweld was established in Dubai in 1984. Originally based in Jadaf, Dubai, we quickly gained a strong reputation as a high-quality and competitive ship repair company. With this four-decade history, we are trusted by many well-known shipping companies for their ship repair. Now based in Dubai Maritime City (DMC), our drydocking capacity is greatly increased at this modern, purpose-built UAE shipyard. Read more: Our Shipyard – Grandweld Shipyards

Our shipyard includes a wide range of advanced equipment including CNC machines, overhead gantry cranes, comprehensive ship repair workshops, advanced engineering software and digitized workflows. But we are best known for our highly committed and experienced people, who have an incredible passion for the marine industry and ships. Read more: Our Technology & People – Grandweld Shipyards

Offshore Vessel Repairs

OSV drydocking and repairs are a major segment of our services. Dubai is a major base for the Middle East region’s offshore fleet and with four decades of experience, Grandweld is among the most established UAE shipyards. We are thus a leader in offshore vessel repair having done thousands of drydockings during our history.
ship repair uae
ship repair uae

Superyacht Repair

Many high-net-worth individuals call Dubai home and Grandweld has a long history of superyacht repairs and upgrades. DMC is a major UAE drydock for yacht repair while the Jadaf Dubai Shipyard is also a highly important and clean Dubai drydock where we repair yachts. Grandweld’s high-quality wide range of services ensures that yacht repairs are done to the correct standard.

Naval Vessels

Grandweld has long experience in providing ship repair services for advanced naval fleets, being one of the most trusted shipyards in Dubai. This experience ensures we are trusted by various international governments to provide ship repair services. Based on our Dubai shipyard, we provide ship repair services to a wide variety of navy vessels in the region.

Merchant Ships

Grandweld’s partnership with Dubai Maritime City ensures that we offer the most competitive and efficient ship repair services in the region. DMC’s largest synchro-lift is a Dubai drydock that can lift vessels up to 6000t and 130m in length. Thus, many merchant ships including oil tankers, product carriers, container ships, bulk carriers and ferries can be drydocked at Grandweld’s UAE shipyard with much better tariff rates than elsewhere.

Ship repair services

Grandweld services customers needing to do drydocking or afloat repairs and also provides workshop repair services for equipment removed from ships and sent to our shipyard.


Grandweld repairs a wide variety of ships via DMC’s UAE-based drydock. This drydocking facility offers extraordinary flexibility due to the combination of synchro-lifts and a rail with drydocking cradle system that can transport ships on the drydock to up to 30 different dry berth locations. Our workshops are based adjacent to the dry berth allowing highly efficient repairs to be completed.

Ship repair
afloat repair

Afloat repairs

Grandweld’s riding teams will mobilize from our Dubai shipyard to your vessel in other ports in the UAE. We understand that speed, planning and flexibility are key to afloat repairs. We routinely work in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jebel Ali, Sharjah, Hamriyah and Ras Al Khaimah so contact us for your next afloat repair.

Workshop repairs

Our extensive in-house expertise includes repair of machinery & marine engine overhauls, electrical troubleshooting, electrical rewinding, steel fabrication, corrosion repairs and coatings, interior fit-out & carpentry, propeller repairs, various machining services, alignment work, and many others. Many customers rely on us because our focus on in-house services ensures that we are accountable for our performance and delivery.

ship repair uae

Ship Conversion and Upgrade Specialists

Grandweld has spent years developing our engineering and planning departments to reach a world-class standard in pre-planning and preparation. This is particularly important for ship conversion projects or vessel upgrades where our Dubai shipyard is able to ensure fast and high-quality work is completed on time and according to budget requirements.

Deck upgrades

Grandweld’s shipyard in the UAE has completed many deck upgrades for our customers including installations of new helidecks, accommodation modules and other deck equipment. These upgrades require a shipyard with the resources, engineering team and experience to manage these complex projects. Our UAE-based shipyard also has the advantage of being located in Dubai, which is an international logistics hub, making deliveries of components and materials to our Dubai drydock smooth and fast.

Deck upgrades

Propulsion upgrades

Our shipyard is extremely experienced in upgrading propulsion systems for ships. The offshore industry is known for operating high-specification OSVs, and with oil majors requiring increasingly complex ships it is often necessary to upgrade the existing fleets to meet current standards. Our shipyard in the UAE has done many DP2 and DP3 upgrades, installing thrusters and more advanced propulsion engines.

Hull upgrades

Hull upgrades completed by Grandweld include hull extensions, bow & stern remodeling, and appendage installations. DMC’s synchro-lift system with its rail transport is very efficient at lifting a variety of vessels and maneuvering them into suitable positions to complete these complex projects. Plus the location of our fabrication halls in our Dubai shipyard ensures that hull blocks can be pre-fabricated and shifted to the site quickly and easily.

Refits and Greentech upgrades

Whether it is for Ballast Water Treatment Systems, hybrid propulsion or more efficient hull forms and ship design, we have the experience to help you. Grandweld is well known for our engineering design capability which differentiates us from our competitors. Our Dubai-based shipyard’s in-house team can work with you to prepare the Greentech installation’s design in advance and prefabricate different components prior to the vessel arriving, ensuring fast and efficient installation.

To learn more about our capabilities, read more: Our Capabilities – Grandweld Shipyards

To learn more about our ship repair services, read more: Our Services – Grandweld Shipyards