How do you select the best drydock in Dubai with a long list of UAE Shipyards to choose from?

Drydock in Dubai: World leading maritime hub.

Undoubtedly, Dubai is the primary shipping hub in the Middle East, with Dubai Maritime City (DMC) at the center of the ship repair industry. Also, Dubai is listed in the top 5 world maritime hubs (ISCD Index), and Grandweld is one of the best shipyards in Dubai, the Middle East, and the Indian Ocean.

Drydock in Dubai, Grandweld, Largest UAE Shipyard in DMC

Grandweld is the DMC’s most established and largest shipyard. Dubai Maritime City (DMC) has excellent infrastructure and can drydock more than 30 ships at a time. Besides Grandweld drydocks ships up to 130m in length using one of the 2 synchrolifts in DMC.

DMC also has a long wharf for on-water repairs, and Grandweld repairs vessels up to 150m long alongside. We are known for our experience in repairing jack-up vessels and pipe-laying vessels. Consider all these factors when looking for the best shipyard in Dubai.

Drydocks in Dubai, Grandweld, Large Network of Suppliers and Contractors

Grandweld has a large network of suppliers and contractors. We develop strong relationships with our supply chain partners to ensure excellent customer service. Hence, Whenever a vessel is in drydock at Grandweld, the customer can be assured that a solution is within reach.

UAE Shipyards: Why you should select Grandweld for ship repair:

Consider the following points when looking for the best shipyard in Dubai:

  • Make sure the dry dock is experienced. Grandweld has experience drydocking a wide range of ship types.

  • Does the shipyard have in-house capacity? Obviously, Grandweld is known for its skilled workforce and large facilities.

  • Check if the shipyard has a high capacity. The best shipyard in Dubai ensures that there are no delays. Grandweld has a large workforce to handle large orders.

  • Check with other clients to get recommendations. Make sure the company is reputable and has a long history. Grandweld is the preferred dry dock in Dubai for multinational shipping companies.

  • Check the price. Grandweld does large amounts of ship repairs and offers better rates. Grandweld’s rates for ship repairs are lower than the major graving docks.

  • Make sure the shipyard is accountable for its actions. Grandweld focuses on in-house services so we are accountable for quality, price and on-time delivery.

Grandweld is one of the oldest shipyards in the UAE and the Middle East. Choose an established and reputable shipyard to achieve excellent results in ship repair.


Use the list above and we are sure you will choose Grandweld. Grandweld, your dry dock in Dubai.