Mastering Emergency Preparedness - Grandweld Shipyards' Fire Drill Success


Grandweld Shipyards conducted a critical emergency evacuation drill aboard the SK MARQUIS in Dubai Maritime City. This case study delves into the meticulous planning, execution, and aftermath of the drill, underscoring Grandweld’s unwavering commitment to safety and emergency preparedness.


Date: February 24, 2024
Location: SK MARQUIS, Wet Berth-03, DMC
Event: Emergency Evacuation Fire Drill

Total persons onboard: 53

The drill scenario was set against the backdrop of hot work activities near combustible materials in the Main Deck Accommodation, leading to a fire outbreak. This simulation aimed to assess and enhance the emergency response capabilities of Grandweld’s crew and subcontractors.


  • Initial Discovery and Response: At 08:40 Hrs. the fire was discovered, and the alarm was raised, initiating an immediate and coordinated evacuation procedure. By 08:42 Hrs, all personnel had evacuated to the muster point, showcasing remarkable efficiency.
  • Action by Safety Personnel: Under the leadership of the ship’s master, chief engineer, chief officer, and safety officer, a comprehensive headcount was conducted, ensuring no individuals were missing.
  • Fire Fighting Response: Firemen on board utilized whistles and air horns for rapid communication, ensuring a swift evacuation. The firefighting team effectively managed the fire, demonstrating skillful use of firefighting equipment and procedures.


  • Efficient Evacuation: The entire crew and subcontractors were evacuated in just 2 minutes, a testament to the effective communication and preparedness of the Grandweld team.
  • Comprehensive Safety Measures: The drill highlighted the importance of immediate equipment shutdown, efficient use of T-cards for headcount, and the critical role of fire alarms and PA systems.
  • Continuous Improvement: This exercise is part of Grandweld’s ongoing commitment to safety, aiming to perfect emergency responses through regular drills and training.

Insights and Best Practices

  • Teamwork and Preparedness: The drill underscored the importance of teamwork and the need for a well-understood emergency plan.
  • Effective Communication: Utilizing various communication methods, including air horns and whistles, was crucial for quick evacuation.
  • Safety Training: Regular drills are essential for maintaining high safety standards and ensuring that all team members are prepared for emergencies.


Grandweld Shipyards’ successful execution of the emergency evacuation drill aboard the SK MARQUIS serves as a powerful demonstration of the shipyard’s commitment to safety and emergency preparedness. Through meticulous planning, robust communication, and the collective effort of the entire crew and subcontractors.

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